VI2 connection issue on the CF-19 Toughbook after upgraded to Windows 10

For Panasonic CF-19 MK6-Mk9 Windows 10 Update Update Issues, please check the following listed below, and if still encountering issues, please let us know.

1. VI2 Not Connecting via Wireless:
a. Make sure all Windows Updates are Completed
b. Reboot the Workstation
c. Run and Complete ASIST Synchronizer
If problem still exists, please run the setup.exe located under c:\asist\tools\c3\CF- 19_BT_Driver\setup.exe

2. VI2 Not Connecting via USB Cable:
a. Close C-III+ if open. Uninstall C-III+ from the Add/Remove Programs and verify that the C-III+ is actually removed from the list of app.
b. Launch the Synchronizer (clicking the green icon in Windows taskbar)
c. Select ‘view settings/details’
d. Select ‘software update’
e. Select and install the C-III+ 1st update and verify that you receive a ‘Finished’ button at the end of the install. Reboot the PC.
f. Connect the VI2 via the USB cable. Launch the C-III+ and verify a VI2 connection.
g. Close the C-III+. Remove the USB cable and relaunch the C-III+ to verify a wireless connection.
h. If VI2 connects: Install any other C-III+ plus software updates