Provided whitelist for safe execution of ASIST and CONSULT system.    more..
If you are having trouble installing ASIST, it may help to know the cause of the error and a solution to correct and retry the installation again.    more..
Run ASIST Synchronizer regularly to obtain all the latest diagnostic information. Please go to Contact Us for issues.   
CF-19 Windows 10 and Windows 7 will be discontinued. NOTE: Do not upgrade to Windows 11.    more..
Latest News
CONSULT 4 Diagnostic Software Announcement
CONSULT 4 (C4) software is now available For details.   
Infiniti - CONSULT-III plus S/W on Generic PC
C-III Plus software can now be installed on a certified ASIST PC that meet the CONSULT software operating specs. Click Here.   
National Nissan/Infiniti T.I.E. Zoom Webinar, Nov 16th
Technical Information Exchange (T.I.E.) Reoccurring monthly. For details.   
CF-19 Discontinued
End of Dec, 2022, CF-19 Windows 7 Units will expire, February 28, 2023 Windows 10 Units will expire.   more..
VI2 connection issue on the CF-19 Toughbook after upgraded to Windows 10
Just updated Panasonic CF-19 Toughbook CONSULT Unit to Windows 10 and VI2 is unable to connect with USB cable or wireless.   more..
Flicker S/W for Panasonic CF-54 & FZ-55
Read attachment for Flicker Application Details. Click here.   
Nissan - CONSULT Changes: User Login Required & Access Codes
CONSULT Login & Access Cards Information Click Here for Details
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